Upravit stránku


New year 2019 will bring a lot of new to our company, this is one of them: Recently, there have been successfully held the workshop tests of our new pizza line with eight-tiered belt proofer.

Hectic summer 2018

Work in a functioning independent factory cannot be governed by neither theatre nor parliamentary holidays. A successful company must comply with the customer’s wishes.

Joint jubilee 65 years

News from our production

1. Malting plant in New Zealand

2. Malting plant in Kursk (Russia) – successful completion of rebuilding and refurbishment

3. Successful bakery line deliveries

4. New special weldments

Summer in New Zealand

The second stage of circular malt plant construction in New Zealand is in full swing. You can get some impression of it from a few shots depicting the assembly works in progress. The equipment supplied and assembled by MOPOS back in 2016 has since then been successfully producing top-quality light Pilsen malt. Our company accommodated the demand of the customer to progressively increase production and revenues, and designed a modular system of individual production units. On account of the continuous success with this project, the third stage of production capacity extension is underway.


While the majority of the citizens of Czech Republic spends the second week of August on vacation or holiday, for our employees it was an unusually busy week as important workshop tests were scheduled. The working rush concerned the technology of circular germinating vessel that has just been manufactured as a part of the second phase of supplies for our long-term customer in New Zealand.

Successful end of 2016

With great pride we have received the message from our respected customer, the BEAS company, who expressed their satisfaction with our work.

Malt Turners for Boortmalt

By the beginning of this month we have successfully put into operation 2 stainless-steel malt turners for Salading boxes.