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Welding operations with carbon and stainless steel materials are executed in the central welding shop which is equipped with efficient exhaust system with filtration.

Robotic welding workplace

We just put into operation the robotic welding workplace. New advanced technology enables to increase productivity and quality of welds produced in series. Complete welding workplace was supplied by CLOOS Praha Ltd. using some unique solutions developed for our specific needs. Seven axes robot serves two welding units that are equipped with dual-axis positioners fully synchronized with the robot. Workplace enables welding of parts weighing up to 2 tons, diameter and length up to 2 m in need large inner radius.

Semi-automatic welding equipment - 32 pcs

  • MIG-MAG, electrogas welding, water-cooled

Welding aggregates

  • Arc welding
  • Oxyfuel welding
  • Manual welding machines