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Usage of our technological equipment guarantees the topmost quality of Pilsen, black and caramel malts.

In the domain of malting equipment we offer:

  • Supplies, assembly (supervision) including personnel training, commissioning and putting into operation of complete, fully automated investment units – production plants – for beer malt production ranging from 1,000 to 100,000 tons of finished malt per annum;
  • Supplies of individual machines or sectional operating units;
  • As per customer’s requirements we provide know-how for production of Pilsen, black or caramel malt by training the operating personnel by our own specialist for malt production;
  • Complete technology projects including construction assignment;


  • Guarantee and post-guarantee service;
  • Supplies of complete assortment of spare parts;
  • Reconstructions of obsolete production plants and their transformation into modern automated plants producing high-quality malts; the process also includes optimal capacity enlargement in accordance with the customer’s requirements and thus a substantial save o costs for production of 1 ton of malt.
  • Circular malt plants
  • Equipment for production of rye fermented malt
  • Pilot malt plants


MOPOS is the original manufacturer of all critical machines for malt producing plant:


  • stainless steel steeping tanks;
  • CO2 extraction;
  • aeration;
  • overflow management;
  • water pumping;
  • barley dosage into steeping tanks;
  • variable discharge of steeping tanks (via belt or chain conveyers) – stainless-steel modification;
  • the whole process completely computer-controlled with full visualization from the control room.


  • germinating process takes place in germinating boxes of Saladin type equipped will multi-purpose aerating & discharging turner of MOPOS construction;
  • bottom of boxes fitted with special mesh-wire plates with minimum resistance against the aerating airflow;
  • each box equipped with high-performance blower controlled with frequency speed converter;
  • automatic stainless-steel louvers;
  • cooling plant;
  • additional regulation of moisture content;
  • whole germinating process is fully automated (computer-controlled), micro-climate of the batch is monitored and all parameters continuously adjusted to secure the optimum sprouting of grain; automatic aeration and discharge of the green malt;
  • full visualization of whole process in the control room;
  • provision for all germinating conditions – may be preset for each box individually as per differing qualities of raw material (barley).


  • kilning process variably in one-floor or double-floor MOPOS kilns;
  • kiln heating with ANOX system or in accordance with customer’s requirement, fitted with heat-exchangers connected directly to owner’s boiling plant;
  • high-performance blower controlled with frequency speed converter;
  • automatic tilting floor;
  • very easy and quick unloading of dried malt into collecting bins;
  • automatic spreading and leveling device, MOPOS type;
  • automatic air circulation;
  • heat recovery;
  • whole kilning process is fully automated (computer-controlled);
  • full visualization of whole process in the control room;
  • with simple adjustment of kilning chart variegated coloring malts may be produced – such as Munich malt.

Peripheral operating units of the malt plant:

Intake, cleaning and sorting of barley

  • fitted with superior-quality cleaning, sorting and grading machines.


  • possibility of reconstruction of the existing silo (such as concrete) by modern computerized technology control;
  • new supplies of either assembled or spiral steel silos.


  • fitted with superior-quality high-performance deculming machines.


  • upon requirement, special malt polishing machines may be supplied (not necessary for the brewing plant proper).

Waste water treatment plant

  • existing or municipal treatment plants may be utilized;
  • upon requirement, complete water treatment plant may be supplied that will guarantee all necessary environmental parameters of the discharged waste water.

Individual supplies of machinery and equipment:

  • hoppers, bins, steeping tanks;
  • transporters (chain, belt and screw conveyers, bucket elevators);
  • turners for Wanderhaufen system germinating floors;
  • turners for Saladin box systems;
  • automatic spreading and leveling device for kilns;
  • recuperators for heat recovery.

Further services:

  • consulting
  • aid in elaboration of investment designs;
  • assessment and suggestions for measures to increase the production profitability of older malt plants;
  • management of dust nuisance of malting plants.