We are operating both paint shop for powder coating (Komaxit) as well as ecological paint shop for various types of paints including water-based paints.

Powder coating paint shop

Technology is based on electrostatic application of dry powder to obtain tough coating with higher resistance. The line is composed of degreasing box, high-pressure cleaning equipment, water management with water treatment plant, mobile spraying cabin with exhaust and filtering equipment, curing oven, block air-conditioning unit and transport system.

Used powder coating is of gray color. Any other color may be applied as per customer’s requirement provided that larger series is ordered.

The paint shop is equipped for application of any other paints (not just powder) in random hue.


  • section dimensions 800x800x1500mm
  • with smaller width and height, length may increase up to 3000mm
  • max. weight of one piece 400kg

Ecological paint shop

  • for different kinds of paints and coatings, incl. water-based paints
  • line – degreasing, paint application, curing
  • electrostatic application of paint

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