The time-tested dough moulder VSU-4 manufactured by MOPOS is well-known among all Czech bakers; we are therefore happy to introduce its new feature, automatic collection of loose material.

The machine can be equipped with a device for seed sprinkling, flour duster or, variably, pressure board or reverse belt conveyor.
• The pressure board version allows dough pieces to be pressed under the board and moulded in a required shape. The position of the board can be adjusted to accommodate different types of dough. With the reverse belt version, dough pieces are carried between the moulder’s belt and the conveyor’s endless belt running in opposite direction. This modification allows for speed regulation and thus wider adaptability to different dough types.
• When sprinkling with loose material (such as seeds, etc.) is turned on, a sensor detects a dough piece and sends an impulse to dash the belt behind the piece with a loose seed mixture. With the aid of the forming board or belt the loose material gets stuck on and pressed into the dough. Residual material left on the belt falls down into a collecting bin from where it is transported to the main container with help of a pneumatic transvector and flexible hose, and used for later sprinkling rounds. This way a significant saving of loose material is achieved as it is used up effectively. The equipment itself is almost maintenance-free.
• The self-collecting sprinkling functionality can be installed on the older moulders as well; should you be interested in this or other (even atypical) solution or any items from our manufacturing program, feel free to contact us.


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