The bread forming line is designed for the production of formed rye-wheat and wheat bread of different weight as per customer’s requirements (weighing range 300-700 grams). The bundle of pans consists of 4 sections. The line is a follow-up to the preceding dough production.

The pans rotate in the closed cycle:
Dough dividing – intermediate proofing – pan filling – proofing – baking – pan emptying – final product.

Chief part of the line:

  1. Dough divider
  2. Conical rounder
  3. Intermediate proofer + loading and unloading conveyer
  4. Loaf shaper
  5. Pan plate feeder
  6. Accessories : air brakes (front, side, top), pan shifting, pan cooling, pressure-air cleaning, dusting, oil spraying
  7. Hinge proofer
  1. Pan loading equipment
  2. Belt oven J4 – belt width 2,1m (3m)
  3. Pan unloading equipment
  4. Pan turning
  5. Conveyer for baked bread – modular belt
  6. Switchboard + Unitronix control system

Separate loaves pass from the dough divider through the rounder into the intermediate proofer where the proofing period can be easily regulated by manipulation with flaps. Unloading conveyer feeds the pre-proofed loaves into the shaper. The shape of loaves is adjustable and before being put into the pan may be even divided into several other pieces. The correct fitting of loaves into pan is provided by the front air brake. Before being filled with a loaf, each pan passes under nozzles and is sprayed with oil. The pans with dough proof within the hinge proofer where an air-conditioning unit maintains required humidity and temperature.

Pans are carried over the conveyers by the plate belts. Each conveyer is equipped with tensioning and driving shaft which has a separate drive. Speed of conveyers is adjustable being controlled by frequency speed converters. The shafts are fixed to frames made of steel profiles. The edges of the frames serve at the same time as a slide rail for pans. Conveyer stands are of adjustable height while fixed to floor. Accessories are fitted to the steel frame.

The bundles of pans are placed into the belt oven with the help of a closing slide regulated by FESTO pneumatic cylinder. In the oven outlet, the pan rows, the roller conveyer removes the row of pans and pans with baked bread then pass through the cooling zone with fans towards the manipulator. The air manipulator tilts the baked loaves over onto the plastic modular belt. The empty pans are ready for another baking cycle.

Individual pieces of machinery, conveyer drives, air-conditioning units and accessories are connected to the main switchboard. The movement of pans along the line is monitored by optic sensors. all operations are controlled by the control system (Unitronix).

Capacity of the line is up to 2,500 loaves per hour.


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