Dough divider DSF 40

The equipment is designed for dividing wheat, wheat-rye and rye doughs. The divider can work separately or coupled with the Rounder VK-4 (or VK-100 V1P) and Bread Moulder VSU-2; these machines together comprise the Bread-forming Line ZTC.

The machine is easy to operate, the capacity is smoothly adjustable and depicted of the digital display. Dough piece weight is regulated with hand wheel. Cleaning and maintenance are undemanding.

The machine is driven by a motor with frequency speed converter, which positively affects saving of electrical power.

The Divider may be fed either manually or from the hopper situated above the machine. The dough passes into the dividing mechanism over the feeding rollers and under soft suction. Dough division is volumetric, the dividing mechanism handles the dough very carefully. Divided dough pieces are further transported on the continuously regulated cloth-belt conveyer while being dusted with flour.

Machine is mobile, fixed into working position with attachment screws.


Rounder VK-6

The Rounder VK-6 is one part of bread-forming equipment. It is used for rounding dough pieces into loaves made from wheat and rye-wheat doughs with rye-wheat ratio up to 50 %. The rounder consists of two separately regulated drives placed against each other and running in opposite direction. Simple regulation on the control panel allows to adjust speed of the right-side belt ant thus change the speed and intensity of moulding. The right-side belt may also be inclined and thus adjust the distance between the two belts.

One or two flour-dusters may be placed over the belt and intensity of dusting the dough can be regulated.

The machine is mobile, height of both inlet and outlet can be regulated with screws.

Parts of the machine that enter into contact with dough are made of materials approved for food-processing industry.


Bread Moulder VSU-3/C

Bread moulder VSU-3/C is one part of bread-forming equipment in ZTC line. It is used for rounding of all kinds of bread doughs. A dough piece is conveyed over the continuous belt and under another belt that is running in opposite direction and whose speed can be adjusted and thus affect the intensity of the rounding process. As the dough piece passes under the upper belt conveyer, the piece is moulded into a baguette shape. The regulatory mechanism provides for height adjustment. Between the belts are installed guide bars which regulate the length of the moulded piece and serve as well for centering the piece. A flour-duster with separated regulated drive is situated over the belt.


Combined Counter PPC-18-FC.x

This equipment is designed for counting straight rolls of weight ranging from 45 to 60 g and counting of stamped moulds.

The pieces are shaken down to the counting belts in four channels and then carried by a strap conveyer to optical sensors. If counting process is interrupted, pieces are returned to the reverse belts with the help of the closed gate and transported back to the shaker.

The flaps blocking the transport channels allow easy replacement.

  • New control unit MITSUBISHI FX 1S (connection to PC on request)
  • Enhanced program with preset for 10 kinds of bread pieces
  • Infra-sensors with dust check enable to guarantee the accuracy of counting:
    • With 1 sensor per 1 channel – 1 % per 1,000 pieces
    • With 8 sensor system per 1 channel (recognizes even 2 pieces joined together) – 0,5 %
  • Balance shaft to reduce vibrations
  • Reduced noise (belts are driven by rubber bands)
  • High-quality material of conveyer straps and belt (HABASIT) ensures the long service life of the above functional parts
  • Basket holder with automatic initiation of counting
Supplementary accessories:
Basket stacker and destacker for the unmanned operation of the machine


Bread-Crumbs Grinder MLS-500

This is a single-purpose machine for grinding bread-crumbs from any type of bread.

The grinder comprises of the following parts:

  • stand
  • grinding drum with drive
  • hopper wit extension
  • electric box

All part getting into contact with the processed material, i.e. hopper, cutters, sieve, discharge and the inside parts of the grinder, are made of stainless steel. The Bread-Crumbs Grinder is the useful and reliable aid in each bakery.



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