This line for production of pretzels ranging from 4g to 100g of weight is designed especially for the Eastern markets (covering bakery products like baranka, sushka, malyutka, bublik etc.). The equipment is supplied in various modifications as per individual needs and space requirements on site.

The production process starting with pretzel transport, moisturizing, topping, proofing, placing into the belt oven and culminating with baking proper, is fully automated. The personnel only monitor the operation. The lines provide production capacity from 4,000 up to 7000 pieces per hour. The capacity is defined by the size and weight of a particular product. The smallest pretzels (sushka, malyutka) have diameter 25 mm and weigh 4 to 6g, the largest one (bublik) reach diameter 100mm and weight 100g.

Line specification:

  1. Belt conveyer: width 700mm – the length depends on capacity and number of forming machines;
  2. Modular conveyer with perforated belt which allows topping of products;
  3. Pretzel topping (poppy seed, salt, sesame);
  4. Brush moisturizing;
  5. Spiral proofer with modular belt (one or double-spiraled);
       - modular belt, width 550mm and length up to 540 m
       - box made up from insulating polyurethane panels, stainless-steel modification; 
       - heating and moisturizing units of various types;


  1. Belt for loading the belt oven, belt widths of 2,1m; 2,5m; 3,0m;
  2. Belt-loading equipment; loads pieces over the width of 600mm;
  3. Spiral cooler; 
       - modular belt, width 550mm and length up to 540 m;
       - box made up from insulating polyurethane panels, stainless-steel modification;
       - aerating and cooling zone;
  4. Dispatching conveyers of various lengths and modifications.

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