Year 2019 at half-year


We are pleased to say that we succeeded in fulfilling our plans for this year, especially thanks to the extraordinary efforts of all our employees. Not only the workers in production, but also the chief assemblers who are at our customers in the Czech Republic and all around the world have a busy time.

A large tin bread line is being assembled in Moscow, and we will soon send a unique high-performance baton (bread) line to another Moscow bakery. In autumn, two bread lines will be sending to Poland. In the meantime, however, we have to make it somewhat out of the plan, we will manage the relocation of the rolls line in our country in Moravia to satisfy the urgent need of our major Czech customer.

Our malting specialists are not idle at all. We are currently assembling two turners of sliding heap („Wanderhaufen“) in Slovakia and we are also assembling further our  Mopos type automatic kiln in the Russian Federation. We must not forget the most important contract this year, which is the supply of technological equipment for the malt house for a premium brand brewery based outside Europe. We are almost finished with the production, after successfully passed the workshop tests of the Saladin box turners, we are gradually sending the equipment to the customer.

In attached photographs from our production halls you can see the workhop assembly of our bakery and malting machines.

Even these contracts are not over for us in 2019 – we still have a lot to do until the Christmas!


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