We were very pleased to welcome bakers from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia visiting our company.

We have delivered several automatic bread production lines to the Mongolian People’s Republic. And because we keep very good, long-standing business and personal relations with our Mongolian partners we were glad to have the opportunity to meet our partners also in our country in order to present our production plants to them and show Olomouc city featuring many valuable monuments to our friends. Our Mongolian friends appreciated the chance to compare their work with the work of Czech bakers at their visit to Hanka bakery in Olomouc which we could arrange thanks to the kind approval from Penam Bakery management.

We believe our Mongolian friends obtained good insight in both the production and technical potential of our company and perceived our friendly and open approach – despite thousands of kilometres dividing our countries.

Our high quality work, friendly approach of both parties and several orders successfully executed in Mongolia are a very good basis for our additional deliveries to this territory so far away.

We attach a short picture report on the visit of our Mongolian friends to our company. 


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