The beginning of this year brought success to us. We executed attractive production orders such as fully automatic bread production line attached to German furnace for Hruška Bakery as a replacement for the original production line damaged by fire and two special malt turners for a germination plant operated by our traditional customer Sladovňa Michalovce (Slovakia) producing malt. We continue our return to the Russian market where we delivered a unique four-storey form bread production line for a bakery in Vologda. We entered into major contracts for further equipment deliveries in 2017 and 2018. They include a delivery for a Russian malt plant (with the total contract value of about EUR 5 million) and for stage two of construction of circular malt plant in New Zealand (with the total contract value of more than EUR 300 thousand). We also agreed with our traditional Italian customer to conclude another all-year contract for deliveries of special machined weldments for power engineering industry. We are pleased we can state that our capacities for 2017 and also for a part of 2018 are allocated to production under attractive orders underlined by our know-how of special food processing machine manufacture and we succeed in diversifying our sales between the East and West markets.


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