Work in a functioning independent factory cannot be governed by neither theatre nor parliamentary holidays. A successful company must comply with the customer’s wishes. For the employees of our company, the current holiday months are filled with extraordinary efforts and hard work. Finished orders are not only time-consuming, but also due to their technical solution are highly beneficial for the market position of our company.

These days, an automatic line for the production of regional bread in the Polish city of Kielce was put into operation. With respect to the specific requirements of the customer, the proofer was fitted with plate hinges and other special design modifications of the serial line were made.

The production has been completed and assembly of the germinating box also takes place simultaneously for leading European manufacturer of special malts. The main machines of this project are the Saladin cabinet turner in stainless steel – the original Mopos design with top parameters at European level.

For the Radegast Nošovice brewery, the production of two other sliding pile turners in stainless steel is completing, which are also the original know-how of Mopos. Implementation of this delivery is ensured by so-called “turnkey”, i.e. including construction, dismantling, assembly and commissioning. For demanding customers, including certainly the Radegast Brewery, such complex services are a matter of course.

These days, full production of a unique automated line for specialty confectionery products, which our company supplies in cooperation with J4 for a Russian customer, is fully developing.

To the above-mentioned overview of our current projects, we are merely adding that a line for mold bread has been dispatched to Kazakhstan for a four-tiered conveyer oven during this year’s holidays.

It is also necessary to mention for this summer that the Division of weldments has expanded its production range with double-shell frames of water-cooled electric motors, ribbed frames, that can only be manufactured by experienced advanced welding facility, and other new parts of machined weldments for the power industry.

From the above it follows that our company and its employees cannot stop their work and leave for vacations. We can only believe that civil servants of all levels of state administration will not complicate our work more than they have done so far.

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