Bread forming line ZTC type in updated design is used for production of wheat-rye and rye-wheat bread of oval or round shape. Upon request, a line for other kinds of bread may be supplied (such as batons, baguettes etc.) Each line is designed with due regard to the production site of the customer. The production process is fully automated. This equipment in tandem with a belt conveyer oven makes up fully automated line for bread production.

This fundamentally updated design brings namely the following advantages:

  • stainless-steel hood with insulation and quick-closing handles;
  • insulation of working parts – climate improvement;
  • direct maintenance-free drive;
  • modernized and improved fermentation and heating;
  • significant improvement in working hygiene – easy cleaning;
  • glassing and lighting of passage;
  • safeguarding of hinges against overturn, possibility of lowering the position of hinges according to the oven type;
  • redesigned VSU-3 dough rounder – stainless-steel modification;
  • modernized flour duster with reduced flour dispersion – stainless-steel modification;
  • fitting equipment – either opening or tilting-over – stainless-steel modification;
  • updated design of electronic control allowing for data storage and PC interconnection – fullfiling all conditions for ISO 9000 and HACCP certification.



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