This production line is designed for wheat baguettes or batons of weight range 250 - 450g and wheat buns of 200 g and designated primarily for Eastern markets. The line is supplied in different modifications depending on specific requirements of the customers and their plant layout.

The whole production process from intermediate proofing, moulding, fitting, proofing, notching, moistening to baking is fully automated.

Lines are supplied for capacities ranging from 800 to 4,200 pcs/hr. Only one person is needed to operate the whole line.

Moulding equipment for the line comprises of high-quality machines produced by Sweden based company Glimek. These guarantee first-class, stress-free dough moulding and faultless operation.

Proofers for lines with capacities exceeding 2,500 pcs/hr are loaded from both sides and moulding equipment is therefore doubled

  1. intermediate proofer KP2,5 – provides for better weight and volume yield of the final product; in these insulated boxes the divided dough pieces rest in pans and rise for 4 – 10 minutes. The period is regulable.
  2. fully automated fitting device OZR fits the dough moulds into the hinged pans even at high speed which is crucial for subsequent segments of the line such as unloading to the oven and notch making. The equipment may be supplemented with flour dusting or pressure-air cleaning of conveyer belts.
  3. proofer KPB – we offer several versions with different construction (for line working widths 2, 2.5 and 3 m), capacities, level of automation, control system (Unitronics, Simatic). There are also differences in method of moistening, internal heating and casing.
  4. Notch-making device SNCH, PNCH – is presented in several variations:

Possible variations:

  • For oblique notches, with angle to longitudinal axis 45-90°
  • For longitudinal notches, with angle adjustable within range 0-30°
  • For combined notches, with angle 0 –90°

Moistening device VLU, VLS provides for spraying water on the surface of bread pieces both in front of and behind the oven. This procedure allows for glossy crust of the bread.

All the above-mentioned pieces of equipment are fully regulable and notch depth, number and distance may be adjusted apart from the notch angle as well.


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