This compact line us designed for large-sized industrial production. The line is able to process gingerbread doughs, Linz-type doughs, risen doughs etc. Using a suitable combination of component parts and accessories, it is possible to produce wide range of high-quality products (such as folded, decorated, cut, stamped and filled types of pastry). The make-up line is designed and manufactured with constant regard to our long-lime experience in food-processing technologies, state-of-the-art manufacturing methods and is computer-controlled. Pastry production is fully automated and all parts of the equipment are integrated into the control system of the whole production plant. Along with the single or double box proofers BK 2 and BK 4 as well as box ovens BP 5.3 and BP 10.3 made by MOPOS, the line constitutes a compact unit for fine pastry production. The line is made in stainless-steel modification.



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