While the majority of the citizens of Czech Republic spends the second week of August on vacation or holiday, for our employees it was an unusually busy week as important workshop tests were scheduled. The working rush concerned the technology of circular germinating vessel that has just been manufactured as a part of the second phase of supplies for our long-term customer in New Zealand. Our workers, engineers and designers simultaneously worked on the specialized germination and deculming equipment for another of our significant customers - a malt plant in Russia. For this momentous occasion we have invited a number of our respected partners among malt producers to get directly acquainted with technical details of our latest and inovative concepts related to our malting technologies.

 We were greatly honoured to welcome representatives of transnational malting groups and individual commercial malteries form Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland and Sweden, and we were very pleased to receive their favourable responses. This event certainly contributed to stregthening the reputation of MOPOS company and its position on the specific malt market.

 In the attached pictures you can see the finished segment of circular germinating vessel, semifinished Saladin-box turners based on our own concept and semifinished deculming machine for capacity of 25 tons of malt per hour.


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