Our work forges ahead successfully in the second half of 2020 as well!


It is no exaggeration to say that the current Covid-time makes it very difficult for the majority of manufacturers to continue functioning in a sustainable manner. Investment cutbacks and preventive measures have had considerable impact on the whole economy.


Yet we may feel proud to report that our employees have briskly adapted their work to the peculiarities of the difficult situation. In which ways?


  1. We face the decline of investments by accepting orders for reconstructions and complex repairs of the our old supplies and offer their modernization.
  2. We intensified our business activities in markets that appear promising for our specialized food-processing machinery and equipment.
  3. We offer complete services to our customers including “distance assemblies” utilizing the latest communication tools and devices. Thus, in cooperation with their foreign counterparts, our specialists were able to assemble and put into operation several complex pieces of malt-plant machinery and bakery lines abroad without crossing the border of their homeland.
  4. Although the orders for our machined weldment division continue unhampered we presently negotiate with another significant partner in order to maintain production stability in this filed. The division supplies components for power industry, mainly for specialized French and Italian companies.
  5. In our Olomouc headquarters, we closely monitor and follow all measures for minimizing the risk of Covid-contagion, namely:
    • Our designers and technologists systematically work on home-office base;
    • Employees are no more having their lunch collectively in the canteen but are provided their meal in handy lunch-boxes;
    • We emphatically encourage our employees to observe 3 key anti-Covid rules (wear face mask – keep safe distance – wash hands frequently);
    • We restricted the movement of employees outside and between different workgroups to the bare minimum while closely observing basic anti-contagion rules.


These measures help us to create conditions for making this year as successful as the preceding ones despite all difficulties all companies are forced to cope with.


Below you can judge our latest activities that have been taking shape in the second half of 2020:

  1. finished kiln reconstruction in Pilsner Urquell brewery including assembly and commissioning of our modernized machines and equipment;
  2. putting into operation of two moving-heap-system turners in a record time for a Slovakian malt plant;
  3. supply of 3 bread-producing lines for our distinguished Polish customers;
  4. supply of two industrial baton (white cut bread) lines for Russian customers including the “distance assembly” by our specialists via digital communication;
  5. supply of a baton line incl. chief assembly by our devoted specialists on site in Soligorsk, Belarus;
  6. Presently we are manufacturing equipment for repair and modernization of roll-making line for PENAM bakery concern for assembly coordinated with an Austrian control-system specialist.


       The list just mentioned is not yet complete.

To illustrate our on-going activities, we include several photos from the sites of our latest realizations.




  • Automatic kiln loading device
  • Continuous proofer for bread
  • Automatic kiln loading device

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