1. Malting plant in New Zealand


Production of equipment for a malting plant extension ordered by a customer in New Zealand was completed this month. After the equipment commissioning at the customer’s plant the new investment will provide yearly output of 10,000 tons of malt. To illustrate the successful implementation of the investment plan by our esteemed customer we attach several photos of the first steeping on stage two equipment from this March. 


2. Malting plant in Kursk (Russia) – successful completion of rebuilding and refurbishment


Ceremonial commissioning of a rebuilt and refurbished malting plant of our esteemed customer in Kursk (Russia) was held on 13 and 14 June, 2018.

The malting plant was rebuilt to a state-of-the-art production facility with germination house equipped with five Saladin germination boxes with Mopos turners featuring an original concept and other top class equipment from predominantly Czech manufacturers. For the kiln construction the latest circular kiln technology was selected relying again on equipment designed and manufactured by our company. The total output of the new malting plant is 40,000 tons of malt / year. The equipment was delivered and installed by Mopos. This major order was executed in close cooperation with Omnipol, a.s. (Prague, Czech Rep.) which took care of the commercial matters and RAVOZ s.r.o. (Olomouc, Czech Rep.) which provided the installation design documentation and contributed to the process control. The contribution of the customer’s erudite malting experts by whom the requirements for this major project were very well specified should also be pointed out. 


3. Successful bakery line deliveries 


A mechanized bread production line in Kielce (Poland) and oval and round bread production line in Soligorsk (Byelorussia) are about to be completed. A high-capacity pizza and ciabatta production line was rebuilt at Mantinga plant in Marjampole (Lithuania). An installation of rebuilt bread roll production line at Pekárna Břeclav (Czech Rep.) was commenced and installation of ciabatta production line with belt proofer in Novi Petrivtsi (Ukraine) is being prepared. Our engineering departments are elaborating documentation for other contracted deliveries. 


4. New special weldments


The fabrication of large precision weldments for power energineering industry has become a traditional segment of our production programme. Our key customers are companies manufacturing power energineering equipment in France and Italy. Our special equipment for complex production of steel and corrosion resistant machined parts and extensive know-how of our production and engineering staff enable to cover a significant portion of these special components. A significant development of our fabrication of special (water cooled) double-jacketed weldments can be seen at present and fabrication of weldments with cooling ribs and other special single- or double-jacketed weldments - so-called shields (for electrical motors) has been started.


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