a)      Tower Malt Plant for New Zealand

Presently, a significant contract is being completed for our customer in New Zealand. The supply comprises of the essential machinery for circular germination and kilning units. The MOPOS equipment will be supplemented with pieces of machinery and fittings produced by the customer according to the original MOPOS documentation. We will also provide design and supply of the control system and software. This installation makes us a member of an elite group of a few European producers of this highly specialized equipment. Assembly and commission of the first phase of the project are planned for the turn of March and April of 2016 under supervision of our specialists. Successful operation of and high-quality malt produced on the equipment will pave the way to the realization of the second phase comprising of five more germination units.

b)     Further Machinery Supplies for Radegast Brewery, Nošovice

Our company succeeded in a challenging competitive tendering for the next phase of malt-turner replacement in Nošovice brewery. Assembly of two new stainless-steel malt-turners of Wanderhaufen type manufactured specially for this distinguished customer is already successfully finished.  It is a particularly demanding project because it is a turn-key supply – starting with construction works, dismantling of old machines, installing the new ones, commissioning – all these in adverse winter conditions.

c)      Malt Plant France – Replacement of Malt Turners

Shortly before the end of 2015, after challenging technical and business negotiations our specialists finally reached an agreement on the supply of two, specially modified malt turners of Saladin-box type for the malt plant in France. Due to constricted space in the germination room our designers presently work on the modified production documentation in order to comply with the customer’s specific requirements. The conception of machines is based on the MOPOS time-tested know-how, but it has to accommodate to a particularly narrow space above the trail while preserving a separate drive for each of ploughing helices. It was also necessary to adapt the machines with regard to the fact that 380 V voltage is unavailable in the whole malt plant. The project is expected to be completed in the middle of 2016.


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