Just a couple of days ago, another two special malting machines – turners for moving batches (Wanderhaufen-type malting), originally conceived by MOPOS, were dispatched to our customer.

These machines, each weighing approximately 8 tons, are designed to guarantee the automatic process of germination through aeration and sequential shift of green malt batches. These pieces of machinery will replace the old turners originally constructed and supplied by STROJOBAL (Food-Industry Engineering Works) whose tradition and know-how MOPOS continues to develop ever since 1989. The very fact that these devices worked uninterruptedly for 35 years speaks volumes about the technical skills of our predecessors. The new machines are of course bound to meet the higher requirements for operating elements and are equipped with frequency speed converters and programmable control system. Our last customer – Velký Šariš Brewery – belongs to the large SAB brewing group and is a member of Pilsner Urquell Concern. Quite recently, two more such tailor-made machines were installed in a Latvian malt plant under the commission of our chief maltster who assisted in production of a Pilsen-type light malt of outstanding quality. Needless to say that the customer was pleased…

Another of our respectable customers, Radegast Brewery belonging to the Pilsner Urquell Concern as well, has just initiated modernisation of the same type of machinery. Since 2013, two MOPOS-made machines are successfully working in one of their maltings, and we were assured that they intend to continue with the machinery renewal even in 2015. Our company is one of just few European manufacturers owning highly specialized know-how for production of machinery and investment units for malt production. We are quite aware of the validity of the saying: “Beer quality stands upon the quality of malt.”


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