The modernization of our company MOPOS did not halt even in 2014. This year’s investments picked up on the established long-term strategy of company development necessitated by the growing demands of both Western and Eastern markets, and by sustaining high competitive ability of MOPOS’ products. The biggest investment so far in this year represents the fully computer-controlled horizontal drilling machine WFT 130 CNC used for bulky and heavy workpieces. The cost of acquisition crept up to 11 million CZK.

Moreover, our central transformer station underwent a complete modernization including the installation of low-loss transformer with the output of 1.000 kVA. Thanks to this project, the capacity of the current MOPOS transformer station increased by 40 % and provides a reserve for further development of the company, particularly for the installation of another energy-demanding machines. The investment value equals to 1,5 million CZK. In order to improve the weld-joint quality, we also purchased a special positioner equipment for welding operations from the Finnish company FIRO for nearly 1 million CZK. To facilitate the logistics within the company premises we also decided to purchase a special CAT forklift truck with loading capacity of 4,5 tons for 900,000 CZK.

Presently, repair works are being finished on the rented wing of the administrative building that considerably improve the comfort of services provided to our tenants without increase on rentals. The value of the repair works reached 4,5 million CZK.

Added to minor investments unspecified above, we have so far spent 19 million CZK, but this is not all for 2014. Presently, a competitive tendering is underway to determine the supplier of another CNC horizontal drilling machine worth 10 million CZK, and another open competition for construction of a smaller production shop totaling 7 million CZK. These two projects shall commence in last quarter of 2014 and finished in the first quarter of 2015.

We are proud to announce that since 2004 our company has expended 190 million CZK for investment purchases and repairs, so with the afore-mentioned investment the total expenditure for the company modernization nears 225 million CZK. It is wrth noting that all investments and repairs are covered by our own resources and judicious management.


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