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Handovers of several significant projects commenced successfully. At the very beginning of the new year, the bread-producing line in Benea Bakery, Benešov, Czech Republic, was put in operation. This is what the Benea’s director, Mr Zbynek Stuchlik, wrote to us:

Dear Supplier,

In the 7 th week of this year, after the one month shutdown, we finally commenced continuous production of bread in our bakery. Our customers are full of praise acknowledging that they can enjoy their favorite bread again. Our aim was to maintain the quality we achieved with the previous line. The result, however, is even better than expected: with new technology we are able to achieve richer taste and more regular form then ever before.

I would like to thank you wholeheartedly for the excellent job as well as for meeting the tight deadline.


  • Benea Bakery, Benešov
  • Benea Bakery, Benešov
  • Benea Bakery, Benešov
The completion and commissioning of the 25,000-ton malt plant in Turkey should be esteemed as a particular success. The supply comprised erection of a new steeping section, reconstruction of germination unit including manufacturing and installation of 6 innovative, MOPOS-designed malt turners and complete reconstruction of two-floor circular kiln and loading / unloading equipment for the 17.5 m diameter.
  • Steeping
  • Germination
  • Kiln
These days a supply of equipment for a major Russian malt-plant producer in Kazan, the capital of the federal republic of Tatarstan, is being finished. After 20 years of successful employment of the original MOPOS equipment, the customer decided to replace the core machinery of germination and kiln sections with the updated technological design.
  • Kazan
  • Kazan - expedition
Another project worth of mentioning was the supply of a suspension cooling unit to an industrial bakery in Ulyanovsk, Russia.
  • Suspension cooling unit
  • Suspension cooling unit
However, the good news from our company’s production are not exhausted just by the above list of successful supplies, as our company workshops are busy with completing the order by another of our much respected customers, namely Malteries Soufflet, the world-renown malt producer. The supply concerns original MOPOS concept turners for moving heap (Wanderhaufen) malting system. Another set of these specialized machines designed for another important player in the Czech brewing and malting market – Pilsner Urquell plant in Velky Saris, Slovakia – is underway.
  • Turners for moving heap (Wanderhaufen)
  • Turners for moving heap (Wanderhaufen)
  • Turners for moving heap (Wanderhaufen)

Also our bakery department is presently processing a good number of important orders as well. Contracts for uniquely designed automatic bread-producing lines with two major industrial bakeries in Poland are in progress. The supply of a baton- producing line to Perm, Russia, has already been contracted, another baton line to Belarus is to be signed shortly.
We are proud to announce that this year’s supply orders to our weldment division increased significantly. The production is directed for power industry. So if the measures taken by the government against the present corona virus outbreak terminate in a reasonable time, we might expect another successful working year.

We do not forget our employees either
In order to speed up the meal distribution and increase the hygiene standards in our company canteen, a state-of-art continuous dish washing machine is being installed right now.

Continuous dish washing machine

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