Upravit stránku

a)      Key Order of 2016

After an exhaustive competitive tendering, our company has eventually been selected by PENAM – the key producer of baked goods in the Czech Republic – to serve as the major supplier of bread-stuff producing lines for the PENAM’s new bakery, that is currently being constructed in Rosice u Brna. In total, the supply comprises of five production lines: 2 for bread-loaf production, 2 for roll-and-stamped bun production and 1 for French-bread-and-roll production. The manufacturing process of this special order was arranged in a fashion that allows gradual supplies and assembly from March to August 2016.

As this project represents a significant reference by a major European bakery, it is paid especial attention by all in MOPOS. 

b)      Newly Developed Machines

-         Form Tippler – a machine with novelty construction design that has already been successfully tested in our workshop. Its primary advantage is very careful tipping over form-bread loaves, easy operation and reliable functioning. The machine is going to be exhibited on the MBK – Salima Fair in Brno that takes place on February 17 to 20.     

-         New Cutting Unit – in the last quarter of 2015 our specialists developed, designed and manufactured a new type of the cutting unit in response to specific requirements of our Polish customer. The unit is designated for 4-meter-wide line and utilizes a couple of new efficient elements, such as 12 separately driven cutting knives. Our company has long-term experience with numerous forms of cutting devices and belongs to major European manufacturers of this distinctive unit of automated production lines for bakeries.