Moravske Potravinarske Strojirny joint stock company (MOPOS) is a distinguished traditional producer and supplier of machinery, technological lines and production plants for food industry, namely for malt plants and bakeries, as well as for palletization systems, loose-material transporters and tanks.

The production and supplying activities of the company have in recent years been significantly enlarged for manufacture of common and stainless steel weldments and workpieces.

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Moravske potravinarske strojirny a.s. Dolni Hejcinska 47/25
779 00 Olomouc
Tel.: +420 585 555 137
Fax: +420 585 421 459

IČ: 16626222

Zapsána v obchodním rejstříku Krajského soudu v Ostravě, oddíl B, vložka 157.



Joint jubilee 65 years

Both MOPOS and its director have just celebrated their 65 anniversary. 

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BakeriesIn the domain of bakery and confectionery equipment we offer supplies of technology lines for both small and large industrial bakeries, individual pieces of machinery for bakery and confectionery plants, assembly and supervision of supplies, personnel training, project designs and consulting, guarantee and post-guarantee service and complete assortment of spare parts.


Usage of our technological equipment guarantees the topmost quality of Pilsen, black and caramel malts.

Machined weldmentThe production comprises of manufacturing cooperation with distinguished partners in France and Italy. MOPOS arranges for production and machining of weldments of variegated shapes and sizes.

RentalsThe Company site is located nearby the Olomouc city center, covering the area of approx. 45.000 m2. Another advantage is good highway approach. The part of the precincts that is not used for manufacturing activities of MOPOS Company, is available for lease.

Advantages of company

  • large production facilites
  • high quality
  • professionalism
  • no.1 in our discipline
  • service and consultancy
  • tradition
  • flexibility

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